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FerreroLegno一直在构建未来六十多年, 从那一天起就开始它的活动作为一个简单的工匠实验室设计先进门。 对木材的热情和能力总是新的目标从一代传给一代,成为当时连续性标志业务决策的基本要素。

FerreroLegno构建未来相结合不断寻找质量工艺和数学技术的准确性。 可靠实现,承诺不断挑战本身允许打开新的机遇,确保最优的产品代表了一系列的门,没有平等,过去和现在之间的公司,期待未来与热情。

FerreroLegno has been building the future for over sixty years, since the day it started its activities as a simple artisan lab that designed cutting-edge doors. The passion for wood and the ability to set always new goals passed on from generation to generation and became the essential elements of continuity marking business decisions back then and now.

FerreroLegno builds the future by combining the constant search for quality craftsmanship and the mathematical accuracy of technology. The solidity achieved and the commitment to continuously challenge itself allow opening new opportunities, ensuring optimal products represented by a range of doors that have no equals and a company that between the past and the present looks forward to the future with enthusiasm.



Shiny laquer today, tomorrow and always

This is why Ferrerolegno lacquer lasts longer.



At FerreroLegno we believe that choosing a lacquered finish does not mean expecting a product that changes over time: quality does not compromise with the shine of lacquers, like everything that is beautiful, it must last forever.

FerreroLegno lacquer guarantees not only the typical shine, fullness and surface solidity of polyester but, as demonstrated by aging tests carried out at specialized laboratories, it also ensures long lasting life for the coating film along with a guaranteed chemical resistance that is much higher than that of polyurethane products (direct gloss).


Wood is good

Furnishing with wood becomes a question of style


The eye alights on it, follows its lines and you feel hypnotised: you are standing before a door in wood, but you could be a child counting the circles in the trunk of a tree, or an art connoisseur gazing at an impressionist painting. This is its great advantage: wood can excite and transmit emotions, evoking strength, balance and attachment to roots. But not only that: furnishing with wood means using an element that is both simple and dynamic. The streaks, introduced by nature or design, bring surfaces alive and create engaging interplay between original forms. Typical or exotic, plain or sophisticated, wood always lends itself to new interpretations: the shape emphasis the irregularities of the grain and the result produces a strong aesthetic impact.  The warmth of an item of wooden furniture goes well with colder materials, like marble or stone. That’s the heart, the rest are details.


A revolutionary Skema.


FerreroLegno proposes Skema for a fluid harmonious and simpler environment. Skema is a cutting-edge closure system, ideal to close kitchen rooms, walk-in wardrobes, utility rooms, niches, under-stair storage closets or control panels. The customisable design guaranteed by Skema is extraordinary: versatile and made-to-measure, it is available swing, with book closure and folding. Skema provides absolute continuity in the wall, optimising spaces and making each opening an integral part of the context.







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