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设计师: 申 俊伟 著作类别:商业空间 中国上海CITYFARM-GuBei商业空间阐明: Project name项目名称: CITYFARM-GubeiDesign Company设计公司: ARIZO

设计师: 申 俊伟 著作类别:商业空间 中国上海CITYFARM-GuBei商业空间阐明: Project name项目名称: CITYFARM-GubeiDesign Company设计公司: ARIZON DESIGN乾正设计Designer设计师: SHEN JUNWEI 申俊伟Completion Year竣工时刻: 2018Project location项目地址: Shanghai,China 中国.上海Project Area项目面积: 350㎡Outdoor photography室外拍摄:Dirk weiblenIndoor photography室内拍摄:Shen-photo本来这儿是一个隐藏在旮旯的抛弃店肆。
It was an abandoned store hidden in a corner. The CITYSHOP Company rented this place and decided to build the most gorgeous bazaar here. Mr. Shen took charge of the projectat the beginning of 2018. The initial plan was to design with existing indoor space layout. However there was a change of plan when a renewable courtyard and an entrance next to the garage is discovered on the site. The bazaar will be eco-friendly and interactive from outside to inside.为了与场所的曩昔树立起联络,解决办法是添加新建进口概括以仿照现有车库进口建筑形状,让现有建筑物与新建建筑物之间的屋面形状构成对称的联络,新的房顶为步道上的行人供给一个遮风蔽雨的场所,一同也为这儿带来了活力。
To make the site connect to its past, th环艺设计e profile of its entrance is reshaped to imitate that of the garage, so that the existing building and the new one will have a symmetrical echo in terms of roof morphology. The new roof provides a shelter for pedestrians from bad weather, as well as bringing about vitality. The rugged geography is transformed into hills winding up and down. Private vegetable fields cover both sides of the walks. T家居装饰hese vegetation patches fill in the transiting area from the bazaar to the walks, adding intimacy to the neighborhood.○设计概念:FARMING STAGE农耕舞台Design Concept: FARMING STAGE一人、一树、一屋,勾勒出一幅闲适闲适的田园画卷,营建了一种田园村歌式的日子空气,唤醒整天繁忙的都市人“久在樊笼里,复得返天然”的日子神往……A man,the woods, ahut. These elements depict a picture of a tranquil and comfortable country life. Through creating an atmosphere of idyll pastoral lifestyle, we wake the urbanites up from daily busy triviality to the ideology of “Out of the cages, into the woods”……○设计概述:Design Introduction:Cityfarm日子集市项目坐落上海古北高密度的社区。
The project of Cityfarm life bazaar is located in a high density community in Gubei, Shanghai. The reconstructed parts are dispersed among the district. Therefore, antique and avant-garde interacts with each other here. Some old shops have been replaced by new ones. Cityfarm is brand new to this community, so our purpose is to make the old and new parts bond, to encourage more communication among neighborhood.设计师将项目分为四大部分:都市农场、农耕舞台,EAT IN空间、Farm食研所,以天然朴素的方法诠释一种日子态度,以及对食物的敬畏。
There are four parts in this project: Cityfarm, Farming Stage, EAT IN Space, Farm Foodstudy Institute. The architect expressed an attitude towards life and the awe for food in a natural pristine way.以都市农场的领地方案,添加体会,设计师将大门的与周边环境树立联络,将相临的车库进口概括与Cityfarm的进口立面链接,天然相融和。
The Territory Plan of Cityfarm enhances experiences. The architect designed the main gate to be part of the surroundings, in a way that the profile of the garage entrance and the facade of Cityfarm respondgraphicallyto each other and coalesce naturally. Across the entrance, we enter the courtyard that seems like hills winding up and down. Ascending the stone and wood steps one after another, we come to the vegetable fields adopted by private collectors, along both sides of the walks. Owning a small patch of vegetation in this land of gold in Gubei district, the urban children will experience the pleasure of living and enjoying farming life in their secret base.在进入Cityfarm室内空间之前,要通过一个渠道,这个渠道调集了多种功用:野外集市举行、BBQ、野外餐厅、休闲集会等等。
Before entering the indoor part of Cityfarm, customers will pass by a platform. The platform integrates a variety of activities: open-air market, barbecue, outdoor restaurant, leisure and parties etc.从渠道望去,是一种纯洁的白,门面是通透的玻璃,是在表达Cityfarm的绿色生态、追溯源头、纯洁天然的理念。
Looking from the platform, we will meet with a sense of pure white. The facade consists of transparent glass, expressing the philosophy of Cityfarm ecology: Tracing the source, Pure and natural.进入室内,动线环绕一个通明操作间布局,好像一个农耕舞台(Farming stage),充分的产品布满整个货台,展现出集市的热烈感,让顾客瞬间感受到空间的温度,能够安闲的在店肆内回游。
这儿不同的区域设置了随性的EAT IN空间,或许是一个旮旯,亦或是室外渠道上,拿著這小小一杯咖啡,细细咀嚼这繁忙日子中可贵的清净。
On the inside, the streamline of customers is laid out along a transparent operation unit, which appears as a Farming stage. That various commodities decorating the whole counter exhibits the jollification of the bazaar, making the customers feel welcomed in this space instantly and wander in the store at ease. Casual EAT IN Spaces are set up in different areas, perhaps around a corner, or on the open-air platform. With a small cup of coffee holding in hand, the customers can taste this rare tranquility in busy urban life.在空间的最里边,使用长廊,设置敞开的Farm食研所,用农场的木盒吊挂房顶,热烈丰厚的农场场景跃然眼前,家具的灵敏摆放又能够呈现出不同的功用,如照料教室、沙龙、集会、餐厅等等,满意顾客不同日子方式的需求。
At the end of the space, the Farm Foodstudy Institute will be open across a long corridor. Wood farm boxes are hanging down from the roof for decoration. A vigorous and abundant farm scene pops right in front of us. The flexible placement of furniture serves to different functionalities, such as cuisine classroom, salon, party, restaurant, to satisfy the customers’demands of different lifestyles. Front door 前门










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