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设计师: 朱海博 著作类别:商业空间 侨信雲起出售中心阐明: 云外有雲--朱海博、钟行建联袂新作Clouds beyond Clouds-A Joint New Work of Asoka

设计师: 朱海博 著作类别:商业空间 侨信雲起出售中心阐明: 云外有雲--朱海博、钟行建联袂新作Clouds beyond Clouds-A Joint New Work of Asoka Zhu & Ken Chung千形万象竟还空映水藏山片复重In thousands of shapes and images they unexpectedly turn voidReflected by rivers and hiding mountains, they remain overlapping.霁天欲晓未明间满目奇峰总可观却有一峰遽然长方知不动是真山In the dimness before a daybreak from night rainsSpectacular is a sight filled with strange peaksA peak seems growing suddenly,Later revealed staying still are mountains real.杨万里在《晓行望云山》中,奇妙地吸取天然景象的特征和动态。
最终两句 “却有一峰遽然长,方知不动是真山”,点出“奇峰”实为云雾变幻所造成的,而那些静止不动的才是真实的山峰;言语质朴,理解如话,经过写作者误把云当作山峰,把山中动与静的景致描写得极端生动风趣。
In “A Daybreak Walk to See the Cloudy Mountains”, Yang Wanli (1127-1206, a renowned poet in ancient China) skillfully captured the characteristics and dynamics of natural scenery. The last two lines point out that “strange peaks” were actually caused by the changing clouds and fog, while those remaining still are true peaks. It applies expressions as plain and clear as dialogues. By mistaking the clouds as peaks, the poet depicted the dynamic and static scenery in a rather lively and interesting way. As for the concept of this project, the “clouds beyond clouds” also indicates that the genuine peaks among humans are definitely remaining most hidden.行到水穷处坐看云起时After sauntering to the end of the rivers,I sit down to view the rising clouds.唐代山水诗人王维单独散步漫游,走到水的止境就坐看行云变幻,这生动地刻画了一位隐居者的心里国际。
Wang Wei (701-761), a landscape poet in the Tang Dynasty, sauntered around alone. Reaching the end of the rivers, he would sit down to see陈列技巧 the changing clouds. This vividly depicts the inner world of a hermit. Whether it's cloud, rain or fog, it belongs to the assorted changes from the single form of water, which is freely manipulated by designers. Therefore, the main creative team in charge of the project, our fellows in the Story Space Design Co., Ltd., deeply love that kind of creative realm featuring freedom and boundlessness. This is also the tacit understanding of Asoka Zhu and Ken Chung after working together for many years.流水行云,恣意所至,就是侨信.雲起会所的设计概念缘起。
Flowing water and fleeting clouds freely reach everywhere they wish. It is the origin of the design concept of the Qiaoxin· Rising Clouds. Everything in design is rooted in life. After much mental experiences, one can endure some tests from one’s life, after which one can saunter ahead like flowing water and fleeting clouds.进入前厅入口处,设计师希望空间给人一种让心登时安静下来的感觉,水的形状最能洗刷客人来时缤纷室内软装设计的心绪,所以设计师将叠水与招待功用合二为一,使之成为第一个空间的焦点,以达行至水穷处的后续等待感,引导着客人火急希望向内跋涉。
For the entrance to the front hall, designers hope that the space bestows immediate calmness. As the form of water can best cleanse rattled minds of visitors, designers integrate the cascading water with the reception function, making it the first space focus, to arouse the subsequent anticipation for what lies after the end of the water. It guides visitors to longingly press forward.进入洽谈区,色、声、香、味、触全面袭来,叠级的行云纹线条顺流而行,好像整个天花都是云海,引导着客人的视觉动线,思绪也跟着行云流水般泛动开来。
In the negotiation area, one is greeted with the full assaults of colors, sounds, aromas, tastes and touches. The cascading patterns and lines of the fleeting clouds follow the flow, presenting a ceiling of a cloud sea. It guides the dynamic visual line of the visitors and make their thoughts undulating like fleeting clouds and flowing water. In addition to the visual space design, the olfactory design hidden in the emotional design is also an essential part of the project.关于朱海博而言,云起会所是整个楼盘的质量、档次、品牌的归总地点,客人会感触到未来日子的那种气味和空气。
For Asoka Zhu, the Cloud Rising Clubhouse is the epitome of the quality, taste and brand of the whole premise. From it the visitors will feel the breath and ambience of a future life. Therefore, the core of the overall design is to use scenarios to infect emotions and the five senses to refresh the hearts of the visitors. Our goal is to let the visitors slow down their breathing and feel everything in front of them. They will find that this clubhouse is different and their future lives will be different. Ken Chung also said that in the present bringing forth the new to replace the old, the inhumane sales offices full of commercial atmosphere seems self-reflecting. They are replaced by experience venues with stories and warmth. After entering the negotiation area, one can feel the customers’ experiences with the five senses tantalized by the dynamic lines. With the faraway echoes between the cascading water and the cloud realm on the ceilings, such a comfortable space bestows a comfortable sense for visitors to stop moving to sit down.步入样板间的走道空间节点尽最大或许吸纳了室外景观,完成了室内外空间的延伸和浸透,在有限的空间内发明了丰厚的体会感触。
The space node of the walkway into the model room maximumly absorbs the outdoor landscape, having realized the extension and penetration of the indoor and outdoor space and created a rich experience in the limited space. On the other hand, the overall design takes more account of the era expressions of the oriental aesthetics, linking architecture, landscape and interior in a balanced way. It uses richly poetic facades and highly rhythmic dynamic lines to penetrate and intersect the spaces with sight, touch, sound and rules. It is the unique affections given to the Qiaoxin· Rising Clouds by the designers of Story Space Design Co., Ltd. 水墨丹青能够暗合设计心法如行云流水,能够雕琢年月的不断轮回,能够描绘人世的是是非非。
鸾翔凤翥,清丽处若和风拂面,波澜起伏,逐步生成此 “禅”字,在朱海博的眼里 “疏风澹月有来时,流水行云无觅处。
” 一叶一国际就此出现。
The Chinese ink calligraphy and painting coincide with the designing methods like fleeting clouds and flowing waters, depicts t软装饰设计he constantly passing time, and describes the rights and wrongs of the human world. As the brush pen moves naturally and unrestrainedly, strokes, some as elegant and beautiful as caressing breeze and others rhythmic, gradually produce the Chinese character of “Zen”. In the eyes of Asoka Zhu, “The sparse wind and clear moon come sometimes; the running water and fleeting clouds remain nowhere to find.” It reveals a whole world reflected by one leaf.










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