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普悦设计× tea‘stone:商业逻辑上的场所精神展现

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成功的贸易空间设计 ,其底层是贸易运营的逻辑Successful commercial space design liesin commercial operations strategytea’stone,是中国专业纯茶时尚声调的开创者,经由过程对中国传承千年的

成功的贸易空间设计 ,其底层是贸易运营的逻辑

Successful commercial space design liesin commercial operations strategy


tea’stone is the founder of professional and modern tea culture in China.Through Chinese tea culture heritage,which has the history of thousands of years,designers created an interesting contemporarytea drinkingstandart tolead the modern aestheticstyle with brand new tea drinking rules of "one person,one seat".Chinese cutting-edge design agency idodesign.cnwas chosen to implement the idea through interior, soft decorations and SI design.


The third store of tea’stone in China is locatedin the Ping An International Finance Center,the highest building in Shenzhen.It is the city business area of Shenzhen,the center of elite brands, fashion and young taste.Any successful business needs to follow the trend,this principle became the core driving idea of this store’s design.


从源于地段的基因中 ,发展空气

The unique atmosphere of place


A good design always aims tohelp the client achieve the goal.That is why the design teamkept exploaring the best solutions for the first storeof tea’stone in Central Business District.They aimed to create a right atmospherefortea'stone professional and modern teadrinking cultureas well as harmonious integration of business elite.


The key to the harmonious integration is a contemporary and artistic design of the place.It comes from the deep understanding of the essence of the brand to let tea'stonebe fully expressed through the charm of the space.Another essential part is the judgmentsand insights of the precise target group,they help to make the place more natural and comfortable,and integrate the language of the brand into the spirit of space.


以解决问题的聪明 ,缔造新价值

To create a new value,solve the problem of wisdom


The value of design isnot only about solving problems,but also creating new values with optimal solutions.idodesign.cnmakes great effortsin understanding products,rational use of space, planning,leading and improving the evaluation efficiency.In this project everything is done toconnect tea's stone with its customersin an appropriate space form.


The original entrance to the storewas hidden in a triangular cornerat the bottom of the escalator,which was not easy for customers to find.After deep consideration,the design team decided toput an independent ceremonialpassageway in the original entrance,which now extends 10 meters outwardand has an expressive commercial facade.The entrance became a mysterious cave,that invites people,driven by curiosity and desire to explore,to visit the world of tea'stone.


The area between the passagewayand the bottom of the escalator in the shopping mallnaturally forms a spacesimilar to the inner courtyard.Designer from idodesign.cnmade full use of it:on the one hand,they planned a sales areawith plants and flowers to gain some profit;on the other hand,they opened up a window on the wall,connected with the inner space,to let customers enjoy the greenerywhile they are indoor.



Good space design is the best narrator of the brand’s story


tea'stone presents 108 kinds of best teafrom different tea producing areas in China.Specific tea utensils and brewing methodsinrichthe experience of modern aestheticstyle of tea drinking.Therefore,the tea itselfand professional brewing methodshave become the maincharacters of this brand story,while the interior space has becomethe background of their performance and narration.


The designers set two 7-meter long tea tablesin the heart of the teahouse,separated from the single point areaby a group of cabinets for storing tea.Tea specialists are experts at all kindsof brewing methods used for each kind of tea,as well as temperature and utensilsneeded to make them.With a finesse,which is not intrinsic to daily life,they give an unforgettable performance to customersin magicatmosphere of light and shadow.


Red transparent cube for storing teais the spirit of this space.In this dull 室内装饰设计培训light it emitsa crystal-clear mellow color of tea.It is an embodimentof the bar chairin front of the tea tables,that makes the spacemore professional and appreciative.It is also transparent,so the customers can see all kinds of tea through it,to think about historical and poetic images of tea,that have created the sense ofritual within Chinese culture.



When reaching the purity, the focus is given to things and people


The “hot” red should be solidified intoa sense of balanceand drama in the spaceby cool and restrained colors and forms.The expression techniques of architectural structuresshould be used to add a pure sen搜索引擎优化farchitectural space to the interior.In a pure architectural space people tend to focus more on the objects and feelings of people.


idodesign.cn team designed multi-section Z-shapedceiling beamsand connected themwith the original structural columns in the room.The veneer is made of grain board,which forms the overall sense of spacewith temperature and rhythm.It conveys the tension of space under the tone of calmness and restraint,just as tea'stone’s devotion to tea.


Pure space, with tonality in everything,traditional calligraphy,delicate style,illustration of tea, decorated walls,soft space – all these create a bit indistin室内软装设计ct,but exclusive atmosphere.


This wisp of pure breath stirs people's desire to buy,promoting the sale of tea and tea utensils.Designers connected the indoor moving linesto createa Y-shapedmulti-layer shelves in the entrance area with tall and short tea cabinets for storing tea,which became the space background for tea products.

▼原始图 |Ioriginal graph

▼轴测图|Isometric drawing




Project: tea’stone inthe


项目类型:室内设计| SI设计|软装设计

Type: Interior design | SI design |Soft Decoration

Design unit:idodesign.cn

Location:South Tower of the

Ping An International Finance Center, Futian District,Shenzhen


Area: 400m²


Year: 2019


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本文标题:普悦设计× tea‘stone:商业逻辑上的场所精神展现






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