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你的办公桌是整齐有序的还是乱七八糟的?市场上大多数的办公桌旁的摆设要么是丑陋的,要么是设计拙劣的,要么是做工低劣的。好了陈列设计培训,我们的好朋友杰夫·谢尔登要介绍下《Ugmonk》。一个最小的,模块化的组织者,减少混乱,这是惊人的。我们一直是Ugmonk的粉丝,我们一直钦佩他的前卫创业精神。这一次,这是一个美丽和有用的产品设计。在《集结号》背后,我们有一名Ugmonk,也叫Jeff Sheldon,是品牌背后的代言人。美国唐宁顿的一名设计师,过去7年来一直在创造产品、时刻和故事。GIF为什么要集合?(在杰夫的话说)杂乱。你不想去想它,但它总是会随着时间的推移而悄然而至,当你真正需要它的时候,你就不可能找到它了。作为一名设计师,我每天大部分时间都在办公桌前工作,一遍又一遍地做着同样的事情。我尽量保持条理性,但到一天结束时,我的办公桌就会变得一团糟,因为没有一个地方可以摆放所有东西。我寻找一个产品来解决这个问题。我想要的是一个设计美观、简约的组织者。把我所有的必需品都集中到一个中心位置。所以我设计了集合,以确保您需要的工具总是触手可及。在过去的3年里,我做了几十个原型和草图,以兼顾每一个细节。我从用小刀切割粗糙的泡沫模型一直到与工业设计工程师合作,制作3d模型和技术图纸,为大规模生产做好准备。

Your desk, is it organized or just a cluttered mess? Most desk organizers on the market always on either ugly, badly designed or/and cheap-made. Well, our good friend Jeff Sheldon over Ugmonk is introducing Gather. A minimal, modular organizer that cuts clutter and it's amazing. We've been fans of Ugmonk for a long time, we always admire his avant garde entrepreneurship and his care of good design. This time, it's a beautiful and useful product design currently live on Kickstarter, we would like to congratulate Jeff on getting it funded in less than one hour. What a milestone of something that has been in the works for the last 3 ye后期配饰ars.Behind Gather, we have Ugmonk also known as Jeff Sheldon is the face behind the brand. A designer based in Downington, USA who has been creating products, moments and stories for the last 7 years.What is Gather? Your browser does not support the video tag.GIF ActionWhy Gather? (In Jeff's Words)Clutter. You don't want to think about it, but it always creeps in over time, making it impossible to find things when you actually need them. As a designer, I spend most of the day working at my desk and reach for the same things over and over. I try to stay organized, but by the end of the day my desk is a complete, cluttered mess because there's no central place to put everything. I searched for a product to solve this problem, but all I found were ugly, cheaply-made organizers. What I wanted was a beautifully-designed, minimal organizer. Something to gather all of my essentials into one central place. So I designed Gather. Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach.Product Shots & PrototypesFor the past 3 years, I’ve worked through dozens of prototypes and sketches to dial in every detail. I went from chopping up rough foam models with a pocket knife all the way to working with industrial design engineers to produce 3D-models and technical drawings that are ready for mass manufacturing.More linksSupport Gather on KickstarterFollow Ugmonk on TwitterFollow Ugmonk's pictures/stories on Instagram ugmonk product design design










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