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我们在Kickstarter上偶然发现的伟大项目的数量,以及多年来在我们的收件箱中都能找到的项目,总是让人惊叹不已。这也让我们看到╯ ▋▔-ˊ┄▂企业家们在小事情上创造产品和企业,这些小事情可以产生很大的不同
我们在Kickstarter上偶然发现的伟大项目的数量,以及多年来在我们的收件箱中都能找到的项目,总是让人惊叹不已。这也让我们看到╯ ▋▔-ˊ┄▂企业家们在小事情上创造产品和企业,这些小事情可以产生很大的不同,不一定在我们的领域,但对其他人来说是正确的。为你的下一个鸡尾酒介绍一个完全透明的冰系统。在他们的作品中,除了创造出令人惊叹的透明冰外,魅影还赋予了用户考虑冰的形状的能力,这种形﹀▂卐▍╔-▂ ╓★状可以优化他们饮料的口味。举个例子,如果你喝了一杯烈性的鸡尾酒,想要喝水,你应该选择“幻影”的标准立方体。它们的表面积大到体积比,稀释了饮料的速度。如果你喝的是冰咖啡,想要保持口味,你就会选择冰球。这种形状每卷的表面积更小,融化速度也很慢。关于Wintersmiths:Wintersmiths是由Chris 兄弟在2013年创立的。帕特·利特尔(Pat Little)对制冰业产生了革命性的影响。利用专利技术,他们的产品以各种独特的形状创造出晶莹剔透的冰,以达到适当的稀释率,并为每一杯饮料带来真正难忘的体验。如今,温特史密斯的产品被用于成千上万的家庭、鸡尾酒吧、餐馆和酒店。该团队继续在高端的酒吧行业进行创新,与顶级烈酒生产商建立新的设计和合作关系,在全球的厨房和酒吧树立品牌,成为一颗新星。我们认为我们的观众已经足够成熟,能够记住这一点,并保持在你的酒精耐受性水平。谢谢你!kickstarter设计

It's always amazing the number of g0↓○ ˙-⊙╠≡∣ reat projects we stumbled across on Kickstarter and also landing in our inboxes﹏ △╳ _╩˙◤≡) over the years. It's also inspiring seeing entrepreneurs creating┣(?┅ˊ╰○ )0υ|- products and businesses around small things that can make∣)┳※ ))╯˙↓ a great difference, not necessarily in our field but rightly for others. Introducing Phantom by Wintersmiths, a complete clear ice system for your next cocktail!In their wordsBeyond creating clear ice that looks amazing, Phantom gives users the ability to consider the ice shape that optimizes the taste of their beverage. For example, if you’re drinking a strong cocktail and want to water it down, you should opt for Phantom’s standard cubes. These have a large surface area to volume ratio, which dilute▽?╚ )﹏_≡ˇ+ ′s drinks faster. And if╰ ╋υ(┣╕︿︼ ╩ you’re drinking an iced coffee and want to maintain flavor, you’d opt for the ice sphere. This shape has less surface area per volume and melts very slowly.How it works!about WintersmithsWintersmiths was founded in 2013 by brothers Chris & Pat Little to revolutionize ice making. Leveraging patent-pending technology, their products create crystal clear ice in a variety of unique shapes to achieve the proper dilution rate and deliver a ▅_﹀︿‵ˇˋtruly memorable experience with every drink. Today, Wintersmiths products are used in thous样板房设计ands of homes, cocktail bars, restaurants, and hotels. The team co˙┙ˋ′°△ˊntinues to innovate in the premium barware industry with new designs and partnerships with top spirits producers, establishing the brand as a rising star in kitchens and bars worldwide.More linksSupport the Kickstarter ProjectLearn more about Wintersmiths at wintersmiths.comProduct GalleryDisclaimerOver the years, we think our audience is mature enough 室内软装设计to remember that drink responsibly and to stay within your alcohol tolerance level. Thank you. kickstarter design



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